I WILL make it!

Friday, December 23, 2005

It's a been a long while

I shouldn't have left you... (song reference there)

But I'm back, and I'm starting to get back on track when it comes to my sites. I've had a great month in terms of sales and Adsense (beats all records, but nowhere near 1K or anything) and while I like my job, I've decided to turn down extending the contract at the end of the 6 months and go on unemployment so I can work on my sites.

Speaking of my sites, hopefully Monday and Tuesday I'll get myself organized, or rather finish getting myself organized and write up a few articles at work next week. Maybe even enough to put the 2 new sites up by Saturday night. Don't hold your breath, but you never know... Honestly though, I PROMISE that they will be live by the end of January, my 1 year mark in this business.

Hopefully the Affiliate Summit will help that along, though everyone is telling me that I'll be so inspired I won't know what to do first. Whether or not that's true remains to be seen, but hell, as long as I get a small vaca out of it and learn at least 1 or 2 new things (I'm sure it will be MUCH more than 1 or 2!!) I'll be happy.

Unfortunately, being that it is now 11:30 pm on Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd) and I still have 2-3 loads of laundry to go, plus packing for myself, Eric and the dogs, getting the presents ready, getting my contribution to dinner ready, and so on, I should probably skedaddle. So on that note, a heartfelt Happy Holidays and a Merry Chrishannuzaa to all of you and yours. May you find all you wished for in Santa's ear under the tree :)

Tara :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Period. Judd (though obviously dumber than he appeared on t.v.) was right - all Danni did was skate her way through. As far as I am concerned she owes Steph and Rafe a shit load of money. To me there's no honour in playing or winning a game by letting everyone else do your dirty work. Oh, and I HAVE to stay, it was obviously a 6-1 vote - thank you to the 6 people for showing why it's a good thing that the audience doesn't vote, because you jackasses would've been long gone if it were up to us. And hey, if any of my readers happen to ever see any of the 6 that voted for Steph, bitch slap 'em for me, k?

Rant over. Too pissed to say anything else. Night.

Tara :(((((

(heavily edited after some calming down, email/pm me should you ever want to hear my TRUE thoughts on many of the cast members)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Light at the end of the tunnel

Finally! This week (and hopefully longer, but it looks good) I am working 10:30-6:30 - EXACTLY what I wanted. No more being late because of traffic (in the last 2 weeks there's been 2 snow laden rush hours and freezing rain), sleeping in to a decent hour and hopefully less tired so I can actually get some work done. Another plus, Eric is interviewing for a couple jobs that look like they'll pay quite a bit more than he's getting now - and I (ok, we) decided that if it's enough, once we've paid our debts down a little, I'll be back to working from home full time. Not that I don't love my job, it's a good job, fun, easy and great people - but it's still a J.O.B.

Anyway, I'm sure a few of you are interested in November's total. I'll tell you, it was a good month in terms of affiliate sales from my sites - 6. Adsense wasn't bad either, and I had a few blog sales too. I think a combination of the holiday season starting plus my sites starting to finally peak out (slightly, nothing to get THAT excited about) of the sandbox helped. The last week of Adsense helped a lot too. And I can't WAIT to see this month's total - so far (still early, I know) my daily average is higher than ever before, and I'm loving it! So anyway, last month's total is roughly $320. Still not where I'd like to be, but it will certainly help defray the expenses of the Vegas trip! And if you consider I've virtually done nothing on my sites, very nice passive income.

So, basically this week is going to be devoted to figuring out what I can do at work since it's fairly quiet most days and since I'll have 2 hours a day that management won't be there :) We'll see what happens.

On another note - I apologize for not blogging more. Honestly though, the exhaustion combined with no work leads to a boring entry. And even if I were to blog more about my life, it would be equally boring, as I have no life anyway. So, until I have something to say or next Sunday, have a great week and I hope your sites are making you lots and lots of money!

Tara :)