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Monday, March 27, 2006

Prices going up soon...

I've heard about 2 products who's prices will be going up shortly. One is Colin's book (in the next few days) and Dr. Andy's Keywords Results Analyzersince he's releasing version 2 very shortly. I haven't spoken much about KRA but I use it all the time - it's so handy for sorting through the massive keyword lists I generate. Seriously, I end up often with 2K-5K keywords most of the time. It's $67 right now, but once you buy you get free updates for life. So if you've been thinking about picking up KRA, you'll want to do it very soon.

Not much to talk about in the last 2 weeks. We're still waiting on news about Eric's job (hopefully tomorrow) and in the meantime I've decided I'm quitting as soon as we hear he got the salary he asked for. This allows me to become a housewife, once I add my income from my sites. Other than that, I've been cleaning up the house a bit ('rents plan on visiting Easter weekend to drop off their old dryer) and getting ready to go camping. It's a smidge early (season only starts May 1st technically) but they're predicting beautiful weather for next weekend, so if it's stays the same forecast, I'M GOING CAMPING!!!! lol Can you tell I'm excited? No real work being done lately, just a few articles being written/rewritten. I'm staying home from work tomorrow though (and hopefully from now on!) so that should change shortly.

That's about it. I lead a very boring life ;) Have a great, prosperous week!

Tara :)


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