I WILL make it!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Welcome.. First post

I decided to start a blog on the advice of other am'ers(affiliate marketers) since blogs seem to be spidered fairly often. I'll try and post as much as possible, and especially when a new article is published to my website.

I found a couple of cool things last night and this morning.. I had my first visitor from a Google search last night! I don't know if they clicked on my Adsense (Google Adsense is a series of ads you place on your site and everything someone clicks on them you get some money, usually cents per click. The advertiser of the website the visitor clicks on pays Google per click of their link and Google pays me a certain percentage.) although someone did, which is the 2nd piece of good news. 3rd piece of good news, I also got a visitor from a Yahoo search! The downside is, I clicked on the link in my stat report (it will show you the search string) and I got to page 40 and still hadn't found my site.. lol The important thing is though, someone did!

As for my Adsense income... my husband Eric joked this morning that within a month or 2 I'll have enough for my Tim Horton's extra large mocha.. lol But I'm a believer. I refuse to think that this won't work. Who knows what will happen with my job these days (I work for Fido - a cell phone provider in Canada - who was just purchased by Rogers - another cell phone provider.) we know cutbacks are coming. I don't know if it will affect my department, but I also feel like I'm at the end of working in customer service. I have bigger financial goals than customer service will ever be able to provide. I also love the idea of working from home, or from our trailer that we visit on weekends. My current goal is to make enough to spend all summer at camp. Hopefully I'll get there soon!