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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I really thought I'd blogged last week. The fact that I didn't in the end doesn't surprise me though, I've been totally goofing off for a while now. I've started to correct that now though tonight. I'm researching merchants (in order to research/write articles), I've written a few articles and despite the fact that I got up from my nap at 2 pm (I was up before 8, wayyyy to early for home) I'm still wide awake, so I think I may have a few more articles in me tonight. I still have between 20-30 product pages to write for the new mega site though (and several are already written, how scary is that?!), not to mention more keyword research, setting up email collection, figure out the scope of my newsletters and much, much more. So while I was hoping with a bunch of hard work I might have this site up soon, the reality is probably more likely within a couple of months.

So tell me, is anyone else having C R A P P Y sales and Adsense this month? I don't think I'll be seeing an Adsense payment next month, it's so bad. I've had 3 sales.. admittedly they've been pretty decent commissions, all 3 between $10-20, but still. Thank goodness I put some cash aside before quitting, I'll be needing it next month!

That's about it, but in case you were considering buying Keywords Results Analyzer, Dr. Andy mentioned that the new version is going to be released this week hopefully, which in turn means the price will go up from $67 to $97. I still haven't had an opportunity to play around with the new version yet, but everyone who has is raving.

Oh, and a quick little bit of link love for my buddy Chrissie who had a great time at and talks about Pubcon, the Webmaster World conference. I'm thinking from the sounds of it I'm going to have to go to the next one, especially since it's in Vegas, where I'm dying to go back to :)

That's all she wrote folks!

Tara :)


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