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Sunday, March 27, 2005

About Me

This post is going to be added on the links list on the side, but in the mean time, it's my newest post. Taking an idea from BJ's blog, and under the assumption that 1 or 2 of you might actually be interested in knowing a bit about me, here goes:

Full name: Tara Lynn Pearce (an old job had me as Tara-Lynn since my middle name is on my paper work. I don't answer to it, and don't find it funny. )

DOB: 7/29/76 (in case your math is bad, that makes me 29 right now and a Leo. I definitely have a Leo personality. Look it up.)

Grew up: in Greenfield Park, Quebec (Canada). I've had more roomates than I have fingers and toes and have lived all over the South Shore of Montreal and the island of Montreal itself.

Currently Residing: In Chateauguay, Quebec. I hate it here. We moved here because houses were cheap and it was close to my in-laws. The SECOND I can afford to move (either closer to my parents or somewhere without SNOW) I'm outta here!

Marital Status: Very Happily Married to a saint of a man, Eric, since August 23rd, 2003. Before that, dating since Labour Day weekend 2000.

Children: Not Yet. If ever. We tried for a couple years, but I now realise I ain't ready - financially especially, but also where I am in my life. Plus if this ever takes off (Affiliate Marketing, see other posts) I want to travel. I'd even love to go (as an ultimate goal, not anytime soon) RV'ing in a nice Class A for long periods. So, no kids for a while. I think I knew when I could look at babies without doing the smile/cringe that it wasn't the right time. We're cool with it.

Pets: Yup. 2 dogs, 2 cats. Chinese Sharpei (f), almost 4, Tequila. Keeshond, (m), 2.5 years, Jager(meister) - yes, we are drinkers. Princess (f), 11, calico (mutt), Schumy (m), 4.5 years, black mutt, probably mixed with persian. I'd have more pets in a heartbeat but hubby says we already live in a zoo. I argue that we still have room on our king size bed... but he's still winning the argument. Eventually bigger house = more pets. I WILL win THAT argument! ;)

Job: No job right now, actually as of today, March 29th, 2006 (I'm updating this post) I'm officially jobless again, and hopefully forever.

Favorites: tv show.. right now, Medium. Movie.. Grease or Dirty Dancing. Music.. all kinds, but I'm a huge fan of Amanda Marshall and Bon Jovi. Websites I visit every day.. My Yahoo, my stats, Google Adsense. Favorite musical (I LOVE musicals).. Les Miserables - I know all the words to the entire play. Favorite song ever.. Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler. If you think any of my favorites are cheesy... up yours ;)

If you want to know something else, feel free to ask, I'll add it to this page if I feel like it ;)

Tara :)
aka dabrat76


  • Hi Tara

    Nice to meet you. So sorry to hear that you are not head over heels about Chateauguay. Maybe since that post you've either moved or finally fallen in love with your home town.

    I thought I'd say hi because I see you have shar-pei. Maybe you'll visit us at one of our meetups www.montrealsharpei.com

    We'd sure love to see you there one of these days.


    By Blogger Merlin & MeiMei, at April 19, 2006 4:05 PM  

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