I WILL make it!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Nothing happening

Here's why:

I fell down the stairs. When that pain was 75% gone, I developped a severe toothache that took almost 3 weeks to go away. During the toothache, we discovered that my sharpei (the dog that I wanted since I was 4) has a serious liver disease/defect. This has cost over $700 to get a "probable" diagnosis, which will only be definite with more money and if it's definite, it means an expensive surgery. Had 3 teeth pulled (toothache) and 1 filled all in the space of 3 hours on Tuesday - my choice, but still hurts today, Sunday. Oh, and Eric has had a particularily nasty cold for the last 3 weeks - can you guess where this is going? Right now I have 2 blocked ears, one is particularly painful, my throat feels like it's the diameter of a quarter and I know the only reason I'm not sneezing and coughing up a fucking lung is the Nyquil which isn't helping me sleep.

So those of you that have been wondering where I am, sorry, but I REALLY haven't been in a chatty mood. Especially after we were presented with the vet bill, as we've decided I either need to pick up a ton of side work online or go get an offline job. So forgive me please if I sound bitchy right now, or if I don't post for another 3 weeks. I've done absolutely NO work pretty much since I fell because the second I start feeling somewhat ok physically, something else keeps popping up. Can someone tell me exactly why it is that if bad things happen in threes, why I'm on number 4, at least???

As for last month's total, I'm so not in the mood to go add it up right now, but it was in the vicinity of $200-300. Nothing spectacular, quite dismal actually, which is also not inspiring me to work real hard. I also haven't been really keeping up with everyone's emails and blogs or rather, I tend to be several days late, when commenting is moot. Sorry about that as well.

Ok, wow, bitch and pity fest over. Sorry about that, but I so just needed to vent. I hope everyone else's life is going a bit better right now. I know I shouldn't bitch - I'm not dying, no one around me has died (knock on wood!) but I'm just in a major funk of late. The crappy weather every weekend (the last month has brought 90% rain every fucking weekend) sure isn't helping either. Who's ever heard of daily HIGH in JUNE of 56F/13C??? Anyhoo, hopefully my next post will bring good tidings of health, happiness and good weather!

Tara :)