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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Busy busy bee

Sorry for the delay in posting, but to be honest, I spent most of last week goofing off, plus I wanted that last post to be good and spidered for all potential JM customers to see in the SERPs.

So here's what I've done since yesterday, and most of this was today even:

  • bought an Adsense site... with losing income from my 2 pet sites (see below for more on that!) I decided to see if this will work.
  • bought hosting and transfered DNS to new host. got them to give me 3 months free even though I signed up without the special.
  • added my Adsense code to said site, managed to screw it up, tried to fix it, emailed the seller to help me.. lol now fixed.
  • added StatCounter code to new site to track traffic
  • wrote/tweaked 4 pages for the new site.. 1 product page and then the About us, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They are ready to publish now, though the rest of the site isn't.
  • bought the domain PawTails to replace a1-dog-info.com. bought it for 10 years - and look Ma, no dashes!
  • bought the domain Gone To The Bridge to replace pet-memorials-info.com, also bought for 10 years. (if you don't get the domain, google "rainbow bridge")
  • fixed templates (I LOVE "find and replace" in Front Page!) to reflect new domains and published them. hopefully I'll start seeing some traffic (and money) soon!
  • finally wrote out all the pages that need to be written and tasks that need to be accomplished before or right after the new site goes live.
  • updated my goals page to reflect the new sites and some new goals.
  • added up my income from last month... ok, that was last week, but here it is anyway... $425.
  • watched the remake of The Ten Commandments... YUCK!
  • blogged my boring life ;)

I think I may FINALLY be back into the working from home mindset. It bloody took long enough! I will say this though, talking to people like Andrea and Colin and Brad sure does help. Whether it's just to kvetch about you know who or to bounce business ideas off each other, talking to peers is essential.

As for this month's financials... well... let's just say that I REALLY hope the 3 "new" sites take off VERY quickly otherwise I don't think I'll get an Adsense deposit this month. Pretty much only 1 sale ($18 commission though, no complaints!) across my sites. But, if not this month, next month will be great, I have a feeling :) Of course, don't you know while I was looking through Google for inspiration for the new domain, I found my pet memorials site (with emax's info) on the 2nd page for my main keyword.. argh.. life sometimes! lol

Anyhooooo... that's all she wrote for tonight folks. Have a good hump day!

Tara :)


  • Good luck with your new sites Tara. I know this past month hasn't been terribly wonderful in the world of sales for me either. I wonder if it's the post Christmas crash? Or people are tightening up the purse-strings? I don't know, but for an affiliate it's been a bit painful :P

    But anyhoo... your sites look great and I really appreciate you sharing them with us. I would like to know how they do this month :)

    By Blogger The Empress, at April 12, 2006 12:01 PM  

  • I am really interested to see how these do - keep us posted :)

    By Blogger jenn, at April 12, 2006 2:06 PM  

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