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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I'm sure everyone is wondering where I've been... Under strict orders from the hubby, I was recouperating from my fall. The strict orders came when I thought I was well enough to get some work (computer and offline work) done and set myself back a week. Holding a baby (friend's first grandchild) for an hour probably didn't help either, but what a cutie! So I've barely been at my computer for the last couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who wished me well, I'm almost there. Still have some twinges when I actually attempt to do to much (like laundry) but I have to get things done as I'm moving down to the trailer this weekend. We brought down a bunch of stuff last weekend, but there are odds and ends that still need to be dealt with.

I still haven't done any work really since the fall. A couple of link fixes that needed to be done, but that's about it. I'm probably not going to get much done this week either, but next week with no distractions, it's back to work I go.. Hopefully I'll be almost 100% because while my desk chair is very comfy when I'm healthy, it's been VERY uncomfortable since I fell. If worse comes to worse I'll work from the lazyboy ;)

So that's been my exciting life in a nutshell. Oh, and unless I forgot something, my income for April was just slightly over $150. Depressing, but this month is going quite a bit better, and I'm on track to get an Adsense check in June for April/May, since I didn't make enough in April. Here's to everyone having a better May!

Tara :)


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