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Sunday, March 05, 2006

What a week, or if you're using Emax hosting - DUMP THEM NOW!!

Ok, I was planning on posting my February revenue when I was done with dinner on Thursday night. No sooner did I pick up a huge knife and make the first cut into some veggies for salad, my phone rings. It's Emax. Telling me they've cancelled my account. Not to mention taken control of the 2 domains I registered for them. (Side note - I read recently on someone's blog (I can't remember whose, sorry!) to never have both domains and hosting with the same company. Believe me now when I say this is true!!) The reason? A charge back on our credit card. A little back story - about mid February, Eric said to me that there was a double charge on his credit card from Emax. So while I was looking into it, he called his credit card company and asked (ASKED!) what to do if we can't work it out. They said they'd send us some paperwork to file a charge back. (Meanwhile on March 5th we STILL don't have this paperwork.) Apparently they went and filed this charge back.

Now, it was legitimate, Emax charged me for registering a domain that was never transferred to them (we tried twice) and with the hours I work it's virtually impossible to reach them. Having had issues before and knowing their ticket system is just for technical issues I wanted to CALL them. I should mention this charge was applied in January and yes, they did credit me back, miraculously (they pointed out the date while on the phone) MARCH 2ND - THURSDAY - the email was received but not read since, HEY, I have a job to go to, I deal with email at night after work. Either way, it was too late since the chargeback had already been filed unbeknownst to us.

So after him repeating to me several times the consequences of a chargeback ($35 fee plus higher merchant fees for life) and me repeating I was unaware it had gone through and that since he had already cancelled my account I certainly wasn't going to pay the $35 (he said that I didn't have to!) our conversation degenerated into a screaming match since he would listen to me. He just kept repeating the fees without proposing any kind of solution (I honestly don't understand the point of the repeating, it was really weird) I finally got sick of trying to talk over him and told him finally to fuck off and hung up. (I was shaking at this point and we were going nowhere. The account was cancelled and he wasn't going to reactivate it.) He THEN called right back and told me his lawyer would contact me for the $35 and hung up on me.

So I rushed around like mad trying to find a new host. This time, I didn't care if I was paying more for it but I was getting 24/7 VOICE (phone) support included. When I have a problem, especially with technical stuff I don't fully understand I want to TALK to someone about it. Is that too much to ask? (It is with Emax - now even if you call their tech support they have a message that says fill out a ticket first... argh) So I finally decided on Host Gator.

So far I'm very happy with them. They have CPanel (which was another requirement since I'm used it now), shopping cart stuff (not well versed but I will be!), Fantastico (I wanted for a few apps), .htaccess access (finally starting to learn how to use it and I could never get it to work on Emax since they messed with my stuff so often), unlimited domains (you'd think I'd learn, but I like to manage everything, or almost everything in one place) , autoresponders and tons more. I probably could have gotten away with the "Baby" package, but since I plan on growing my next site to be huge and possibly have a shopping cart and database on it, I wanted ALL features available, so I went with the "Swamp" package at $14.95/month. I think I'd rather pay more for great service, and I've read good things about them from other people.

So all that said, learn your lesson from me. Dump Emax NOW. I sugarcoated a lot of the bullshit I went through with them (problems EVERY SINGLE TIME I added a new domain, to which their automatic response was "it's a FrontPage issue" unless I bugged them to actually LOOK. FYI - it was not ONCE a Front Page issue!) for the sake of playing nice. I refuse to play nice anymore. And I almost hope their lawyer contacts me... a) because what a WASTE of money, for $35! and b) my uncle is a lawyer.. I'll get free advice and perhaps file a counter claim for lost income. Since they've now stolen 2 domains I'm daily losing money on one of them. They can keep the dog domain though, I have barely paid for hosting, let alone the domain, that was a dud site from the get go.. lol (Not to mention I'm in Canada and they are in the U.S.) And btw - even if they did credit the domain registration charge, I'm still out for a month's hosting that they DID charge and I'm not getting.

And to be very honest, yes I'm PISSED about the whole thing, but if I'm philosophical about it, I have just been waiting to be out of a job to switch hosting companies anyway, since it wasn't something I really wanted to do after work, know what I mean? So anyway, if you sent an email between Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon to support AT a1-travel-accessories DOT com, please resend it because I didn't get it.

Ok, on to income.. well, it was a crappy month. I made a little more than last month I think, but that was from promoting 1 specific product which netted me over $120 in comissions. If it hadn't been for that I would have been very poor indeed. So here's the total: $380 (approx, as usual), which also includes doing some VA (virtual assistant) work for someone. Better than I had hoped for at the beginning of the month when I saw the awful totals, but obviously less than I would've liked. I'll just have to get working on the new site. Though to be quite honest, I've come to the conclusion if I get work done during the week, awesome, but if not I'm done with feeling guilty about it. My job is very draining due to the repetitiveness of it and the stress with dealing with a bunch of incompetent morons in management. In case this never occured to anyone else, NEVER take a job where your department has been in existence 3 years. Or maybe it's only at my company... but wow, they can't make a decision that sticks longer than a month to save their freaking lives! Frustrating to say the least!!

And at this point, I've no doubt bored you to death, so I will stop, wish everyone a GREAT week (can't be as bad as mine has been! lol) and may March be the new month to beat!!

Tara :)


  • I can totally understand your frustration - I'd be totally LIVID if a hosting company screwed my sites like that!!! Wow, well I hope things are calmer this week!

    That's why I only use Yahoo now - I figure they're so big that they'd be too worried about messing with accounts, it's been good so far...

    By Blogger jenn, at March 05, 2006 10:28 PM  

  • That so hard with the hosting. I'd be furious! for what it is worth... I have been using hostgator for the last year or so and I like them. it hasn't been completely perfect ..but they've been very responsive when I needed it.
    good luck,

    By Blogger greenaffiliate, at March 06, 2006 9:26 PM  

  • That totally sucks with all that hassle... Yuck. But on a better note :) I think you'll be pretty happy with HostGator - I run most of my sites through them (and have my domains listed with someone else ;) ). If there's ever been a problem - they're quick to help. Also I have worked with ZiggyHost - and they're quick to help too.

    By Blogger The Empress, at March 09, 2006 12:40 PM  

  • Omg, you are using yahoo? That is the worst host in my opinion. Just because they are a big company doesn't mean their hosting division got any brains.

    Go to my main website at mindreality.com, scroll to the bottom and you'll see a link that says: "hosted by hostgator". click on it and you will read my entire review about all the webhosts I've ever come across.

    You'll know why I say hostgator is the #1 and yahoo is the worst.

    By Blogger Mind Reality, at March 10, 2006 12:49 AM  

  • LOL, well, I wanted a big company so it wouldn't disappear on me - and I like their one-click uploading and the way you can preview your page - but wow, I'm shopping around and realizing I could do a lot better!

    By Blogger jenn, at March 10, 2006 8:15 PM  

  • Hi Tara I wouldn't say that this post was boring at all in fact makes great reading it shows you are human and problems can and do happen in life.

    Which I think people sometimes need to hear sorry your having such a hard time with one thing and another but I know in my heart of hearts that one day I'll read your blog and you will have reached your targets,and where you would like to be. Keep your chin up bad times always pass bye for now

    Mark :0)

    By Blogger Mark, at March 11, 2006 4:43 AM  

  • I agree anyone using Emax Hosting should dump them now.
    I accidentally let my domain name expire. There is a place in the contol panel to set up the domain to auto renew but when you try to it says no. It won't change to yes. In the help section it says you have to have a verified email address to use auto renew and I did.

    I read in the help file that if you can still click on your domain name you can still renew it. I clicked on it and paid 14.95 to renew it. My site was still offline and I didn't receive an email from them so I emailed support. They said it was too late to renew my domain name so I asked for a refund of the 14.95 and asked them to cancel my hosting account. He said I would have to send the cancellation to the correct department so I did. He said he would credit me 8.95 for this months hosting payment. This months payment wasn't even due yet. This took place on the 22nd and I just made a payment the month before on the 27th. He didn't even mention the other 6.00. So I emailed and asked about it again. He finally said he would refund the 6.00. He sent a refund of 6.00 and I ended up paying for a month of hosting that wasn't due. I emailed them to explain it wasn't due. They just ignored that part of the email. If they don't like the question or don't know the answer they just ignore it.

    When I saw the 6.00 refund in my bank account I also saw another 8.95 deduction from paypal. I emailed them about it and they told me it was my fault because because I didn't stop the automatic payments at Paypal. I signed up through the Emax hosting site not Paypal so I didn't know I had to go to Paypal to stop the payments. They did refund that 8.95 but said they wouldn't give back anymore money Paypal sent. I found out at Paypal what a subscription was and how to cancel it. If your paying with Paypal be sure to cancel the payments because they won't cancel them.
    After they wouldn't refund my 14.95 I wondered if they treat other customers the same way. I searched Google and found many unsatisfied customers. I should have did more research before I signed up.
    I have also asked support for help with add on domains. They just ignored some of my questions.
    If you want an honest host with good support stay away from Emax.

    By Blogger Kayro, at June 22, 2006 12:48 PM  

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